Technology in Education is nothing new, but few of the educational software programs on the market are specifically built for art, music or physical education instruction. Most EduTech software on the market focuses on classes of 15-20 students, and offers few options for custom assessment observations. The arts and physical education are essential skills for well rounded youth. Our technologies help students more effectively and efficiently develop these skills, giving children the confidence to continue to grow in these areas and lead fuller lives.

We develop tools that  help teachers capture data quickly and easily. Children today have so much potential locked away, but lack the knowledge on what actions to take to truly become successful. Vitathread builds tools that better enable teachers to foster essential skills in students, helping them unlock their full potential.

Better assessment tools leverage portable technology and allow teachers to collect more detailed data on a student's performance without taking any extra time away from instruction. Better data leads to more detailed and personalized assessments which will help students grow in their understanding of any subject or task.

We believe that most students avoid participation in these subjects due to a lack of knowledge, not a lack of motivation. We seek to inspire and motivate students through increased feedback based on measurable data, so that they may increase their skills and ultimately lead longer and healthier lives.

Vitathread is a pioneer in the EduTech industry, and our mission for better education through technology is cross-disciplinary - spanning the fields of physical education, art, and music.