Vitathread Staff

J and Gina Miller are the brains behind Vitathread, and have been PE teachers for a combined fourteen years. With years of experience in the classroom, on the court, track, and field - they know first hand the many challenges and frustrations that teachers face.

As educators, they are passionate about the next generation’s future, and believe that the keys to health and longevity are to inspire interest in physical, creative, and emotional health using assessment tools that provide better instruction and clearer solutions for success.  

J has been a dreamer, entrepreneur, explorer, and builder for as long as he can remember. Professionally J thrives on problem solving, projects, and dynamic situations. Gina strives to bring out the best in her students through clear delivery of instructions, setting high expectations, and by holding her students accountable for their learning.

Through their years of teaching and coaching, J and Gina have found that the PE classroom is missing something - technology. J, Gina, and the Vitathread team strive to develop tools that can better society by increasing student engagement and improving the overall health of our youth.

Our commitment to improvement reaches beyond the gymnasium doors, and into art and music classrooms where students have even more opportunities to develop a better sense of health and well being through improved feedback and instruction.