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Okay, I’m going to say it - I like assessment.  I like the data it provides and what it tells me about my students and my teaching.  And I like reporting that information to parents as well; in part for PE advocacy but also because I want parents to understand what their child knows and is able to do.

I’ve been on a personal journey of sorts for years to discover if in fact there was a compilation of assessments that existed that I could use with my students that were simple to administer and easy to grade.  I wanted a whole collection of assessments at my fingertips that would help me measure students’ abilities and knowledge.  Ideally, I wanted these assessments to align with the national standards and correlate with each grade level outcome (GLO).  I figure, if we are going to have GLO’s laid out by our national governing body (SHAPE), we should probably have a way to assess those outcomes, right?  

Well, I explored several different products/services and talked with lots of people via social media about the topic and ended up finding some really great resources.  Now I just needed a way to organize all the great information I found.  I wanted it to be easily accessible and also have the ability to share it with the other elementary PE teachers in my District.  Enter LiveBinders…

LiveBinders is a digital 3-ring binder with unlimited tabs for easy organization of all kinds of content – video, documents, notes, pictures, web links, etc.  There is minimal formatting required to get a professional look and LiveBinders can be private to protect sensitive information and people without an account can view a LiveBinder once it is shared with them.  Multiple teachers can also collaborate on a single binder making working together on a project easier – and there’s no paper!  

Here are a few snapshots of how I set mine up. 

Main tabs at the top of my binder (organized by grade level)  


Here I’ve selected Grade 1 (orange tab) and you can see all the different tabs I have that represent the different assessments for the various outcomes in 1st grade (this isn’t all the outcomes, I’m not done yet)  


If I want to do a galloping assessment, I simply click on the blue S1.E1.1 Galloping tab and see what the assessment looks like:  

Here’s a snapshot of the galloping assessment I created for 1st grade:


As you can see, this is a great tool to share with the other elementary PE teachers in my District.  Everyone can have access to a “bank” of assessments to measure the various outcomes for each grade level.  

One of the more time consuming parts for me was the creation of the cognitive assessments.  The majority of the cognitive assessments from Standards 2, 3 and 5 were created using Google forms.  They are quick 3-5 question response forms that help me assess student knowledge of particular skills and concepts.  These are typically set up during a “station rotation” day where my six student iPads are at one of the activity stations that students rotate through.  When they arrive at the assessment station, they grab an iPad, answer the questions and then are ready to move on.  I can assess one class (appx. 25 students) within a 30 minute period easily.  All of their answers are linked to a Google sheet that will automatically compare their answers to an answer key that I provide – grading done!

As I said before, this LiveBinder project is a work in progress.  I continue to gather resources and update it throughout the year.  If you are interested in creating your own LiveBinder and would like some simple, how-to instructions, check out these links:

You can also browse the featured binders and create a shelf of the binders you find useful at http://www.livebinders.com/shelf/featured many can be copied so you can use them as a template.

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