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Continuing Professional Development in Physical Education is a vital element for a strong program.  Whether you’re a beginning teacher or seasoned veteran the benefits of attending at least one conference, workshop, or convention every year can help keep things fresh. Attending events designed specifically for PE teachers is a great way to learn cutting edge techniques and to reenergize yourself through networking and collaborating with other professionals in your very unique field.

While attending the NCAAHPERD-SM convention in Raleigh, NC last month I had the privilege of spending time with 2 extraordinary Phys Ed presenters, John Jones & Charla Krahnke. I asked them how they pick the events they attend, since so many happen around the same time each year.  John explained how most conventions back up to each other and rarely overlap.  As always, my mind was thinking “that’s a google sheet waiting to happen.” A sheet showing the dates and locations for all of the AAHPERD conventions, workshops and conventions across the country would be a great resource for presenters and teachers looking for professional development near them.    

We have created the google sheet below to help you find that perfect event.  If you're a member of one of these organizations or attend these events annually we would love if you could help us keep it up to-date  The second and most important part is to share this document with other PE teachers, state coordinators, district coordinators, college PE departments, vendors, and anyone else with the mission of improving the lives of our students through high quality Physical Education.

We hope you are able to attend and at least one professional development experience in 2015.   

Click on the screen shot below to take you to the sheet, save it as a bookmark, and check it out often!