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As I reminisce about school I can picture it like it was yesterday.  Sitting in perfectly aligned rows, listening in silence as our teachers lectured, and writing down notes that were written on the chalk board. We had to communicate with each other somehow, so we came up with some elaborate note passing systems.  From folded notes that could fit in your pocket to a spiral notebook that that you passed back and forth with your friends.  

We have come a long way from passing handwritten notes in the 80’s and 90's. Tapes gave way to CD’s, VHS to DVD's, and video games were taken out of the arcade and hooked up to our TV’s.  Now our phones hold music, video, games, and the internet!  One thing that's constant about technology is that it never go backwards.  

The same is true in education. The iPad is the next game changer in education.  Students are instantly engaged in all things iPad.  Just like video games for my generation, iPad and touch technology will grow with our students.  My 4 year old could unlock the screen, swipe to find his folder and open whatever app he wanted before he was 3. By the time he’s in 1st grade he will be able to type with one hand while holding the device with his other.  This will be the only technology he’ll use in elementary school and I even see iPad’s bringing an end to paper books.  

Three years ago (April 2010) the iPad hit the market hard. Since then apple has sold 8 million iPads directly to schools.  Its operational layout is intuitive for students of all levels and ages.  

I believe so much in this technology that I would encourage you to buy an mini iPad ($329) for yourself if your school district will not.  Get a good protective case like an otterbox (while we wait for apple to make them unbreakable).  To fully unlock all of the iPad’s life changing potential this device should belong to you, not the system. 

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