Gina Miller's picture
P.E. teacher

Gina wasn’t sure where life would take her or what she wanted to do until a summer instructing water skiing at a camp. That summer she found her passion for physical education instruction, prompting her to return to camps for the next 6 summers where she met her husband, J Miller, Vitathread President, and fellow fitness enthusiast.

Gina has been teaching physical education for 8 years and is passionate about pushing her students to reach their goals..  She received her National Board Certification in 2010 and lead a Professional Learning Team in her district for three years.   For Gina, there is no greater gift than helping children tap into their limitless potential.

Gina and J are both firmly committed not only to the hundreds of children they see each week, but to their 4 year old son Hudson. It’s this commitment to the next generation that has inspired them to seek innovative methods to inspire children not only to be more active, but to enjoy it!

As Vice President of Vitathread, Gina seeks to further this mission and build creative solutions not only for physical education instructors, but art and music teachers as well. With her experience as both a teacher and mother, Gina brings a passion to furthering educational technology, and a nurturing outlook that centers our technological focus on harnessing metrics to improve the well-being of our youth.

Outside of the classroom and the think tank, she enjoys hiking, biking, canoeing, and photography.