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P.E. teacher

From a young age, J was passionate about sports. Despite his early interests, his journey to physical education was not a straight path. After graduating with a major in sports and leisure studies and working as a camp counselor and salesman, J found himself at a crossroads and decided to pursue his earlier dream by returning to school to become a physical education teacher.  

When J received an iPad to use in his PE classes two years ago, he was amazed by how much he could accomplish with the effective use of technology but also disappointed in the physical education programs available. J downloaded countless apps in an effort to find the perfect solution, but found that most of the programs out there only offered partial solutions. Motivated to find a comprehensive solution, J decided he'd have to build his own app.

As president of Vitathread, J seeks to improve the nation's health by developing software that enables teachers to better help their students. J has been a physical education teacher for 6 years and brings his endless passion and enthusiasm to the classroom each day. He believes that teaching students essential sports skills at an early age is the key to a lifetime of health and wellness. Through effective instruction and data collection, J believes that Vitathread can help motivate kids to spend less time in front of the TV and more time out playing.